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A story of craftsmanship

Montana's Lost Art


When you shop with us, you will have the assurance that each and every item was made in Montana, USA, by hand, with time and dedication to ensure high-quality products. 

Our story began years ago when our family became interested in creating new high quality wood products by utilizing the large amount of standing dead trees in our area. 

The Rocky Mountain Region has dealt with it's share of pine beetles eating and destroying long lived growth. Once the beetles have gone the tree still stand blocking sunlight for new growth.

Our goal is to make less impact on green trees being harmed during the manufacturing of our products. We believe in helping the forest by aiding in new growth to flourish for our children and generations to come. 

We're the Lemler family and we sleep, eat, and breath the Montana life. Based out of Butte and Whitehall, MT we enjoy every ounce of beauty surrounding us. 

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